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Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil "MITERRA - GI MOU"

The organic extra virgin olive oil “Miterra – GI MOU”, hides within it all the purity of Mother Nature as it is produced with certified organic methods. It comes from olive trees grown in an area with high altitude in the area of Heraklion, South of Crete.

Thyme Honey "MITERRA - GI MOU''

Thyme honey with aromatic herbs and pine from Sitia, Crete .

A kind of honey with a special aroma and high nutritional value that comes from the unique land of Sitia, Crete. A natural product, of local biodiversity, with a full “body” and taste that encloses the long-standing art of Cretan beekeeping.

Cretan Rusks "MITERRA - GI MOU"

Cretan rusk with the authentic taste rich in fiber and low fat, is a necessary complement to a proper Cretan diet. Traditional Cretan rusks, Cretan dakos and rusks wholemeal snacks with fresh and pure ingredients, for delicious snacks, for your salads or instead of bread in your meals. Enjoy “MITERRA – GI MOU” Cretan rusks with a variety of cheeses & amp; cold cuts or as an accompaniment to yogurt and fruit.