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Our Inspiration

Our family tradition led us in 2012 to the creation of the Miterra brand and our family business MINOAN GAIA. The name Miterra is derived from the Latin word Terra which in combination with the personal pronoun Mi means My Land.

Our inspiration for the name “Minoan Gaia” for our business and the Miterra brand came from our grandparents’ village in Heraklion, Crete, the place where we got to know the beauty and richness of the Cretan land, the Land of our ancestors and the Minoan culture.

We are returning to our village, Choumeri, Heraklion, Crete to cultivate and produce high quality extra virgin olive oil. Our vision is to promote quality Cretan products internationally by combining tradition with know-how and innovation.

The growers we work with share the same respect for the environment as we do and have a real passion for sustainable farming practices. They teach us every day that the constant love for our “art” is what speaks to our hearts and makes our products unique.