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Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil “MITERRA – GI MOU”

The organic extra virgin olive oil “MITERRA GI MOU” of Koronei variety, contains vitamins, provitamins A and E, minerals, selenium, rich antioxidants. Organic extra virgin olive oil is an elixir of health and longevity. It lowers blood pressure and helps with hypertension. It turns out to be a balm for the stomach as it strengthens the digestive system. Consumption of organic products, multiplies the benefits for human health, as they have not been burdened with chemicals and as a result therefore have increased nutrients.

Variety Koroneiki

The organic extra virgin olive oil Miterra – My Earth, hides all its purity within it Mother Nature as it is produced with certified organic methods. Comes from olive trees grown in a high altitude area in the area of Heraklion, South of Crete.

The Dance of the Goddess Mother Earth (1500 BC)

Illustrations of the symbols are from the Phaistos Disc, which was found in the Minoan city of Phaistos, in southern Crete (2,000 BC) and is said to praise the goddess Mother Earth.